Near Civil Court, Mapusa Goa
Mapusa , Bardez Goa- 403507

The Municipal Market

marketI personally witnessed the construction of the New Municipal market and entered every shop when the market started. Some old timers in the market know me personally , some having passed away and their businesses are now run either by their sons or grandsons – mostly by the third generation.

Primarily, the new market comprised three blocks with a total of 164 shops. Now, after sub-dividing some shops, the total comes to 173 shops. The first and second blocks are in two straight rows; the third block was built in an L shape. As such, it has East and West wings, as visible on the chart alongside.

The market’s main entrance is between Shop No. 1 and Shop No. 36. On either of the side walls of the entrance, and on the top front wall, there are murals depicting Goan social life.

Sub-entrances are located on either side of the block between Shop No 32 & 33 (front) and 22 & 23 (back), and 4 & 5 (front) and 14 & 15 (back). To provide security for jewellers, who were and are still mainly located in the first block, the roof of the irst block was built with a concrete terrace. Roofs of the second and third blocks, the original fish market and shops around it, were covered with asbestos sheets, which are still in use.

To remind ourselves, here is the list of shops in the New Municipal Market that existed since it launched on January 2 , 1960. The post-Liberation shops are not included on this list.

Front of the first block of shops in the New Municipal Market from left to right – 23 shops.
Shop No. 28 – Karekar Jewellers ; Prop. Venkatesh Mangesh Karekar ; Gold & Silver Merchants.
Shop No. 29 – Joalharia Surya (Confianca) ; Prop. Prakash Surya Shirodkar ; Gold & Silver Merchants.
Shop no. 29 A – Mira Jewellers (Confianca) ; Prop . Anil Surya Shirodkar ; Gold & Silver Merchants.
Shop No. 30 – Chandrakant D. Tar & Sons ; Gold & Silver Merchants.
Shop No. 31 – Haldankar & Sons Jewellers.
Shop No . 31 A- Yeshwant B. Pednekar; Prop. Vasudev G. Pednekar; Gold & Silver Ornaments.
Shop No. 11 – Casa Siolkar ; authorised dealers of Dijagam Fine Suitings
Shop no. 11 A – Siolkar Sons ; Siyaram’s Fashion Galleria
Shop No. 12 – Mishal Brothers; readymade and fancy cloth merchants.
Shop No. 13 – J.k Kavlekar & Sons; cloth merchants
Shop No. 14 – M/s M.S Shirodkar & Sons ; cloth merchants
Shop No. 15 – M / s Vishnum P. Verlekar ; authorised dealers of Dinesh and Raymond’s
Shop No. 16 – Anjunkars Platinum ; retail and corporate gifting solutions.
Shop No. 16 A- Dangui Watch Agencies; Prop. Atmaram V. Dangui ; dealers of wrist watches and ajanta musical clocks.
Shop No 17 – Goundolcar ; cloth merchants
Shop no. 17 A – Pedro Vicente Vaz; Dealers in liqour and novelty items
Shop No. 18 – M/s Ramkrishna S. Mapxenkar

Main Entrance
The main entrance was beautiful with three lovely murals. On the right wall of the entrance, a woman is seen watering a banana cultivation. The mural on the left wall of the entrance depicts Goan social life. The top front wall of the entrance depicts bustling Goan life.
Shop no. 19 – Isani Sales corportion (earlier Virani).
Shop No. 20 A – Isani Traders
Shop no. 20 – M/s Shambhu V. Gaad – gift toys and readymade garments
Shop No. 21 – Malsons House of Quality Footwear
Shop No. 22 – Loja Shamu – Classic Gift Centre – Jockey- VIP-Mattel Toys- Revlon-Lakme-Garnier
Shop no. 23 – Closed.
Shop No. 24 – Isani Sales Corporation (godown) – formerly, Caetano Paul Souza’s shop.
Shop no.25 – Mahableshwar & Dangui & Sons – dealers of Lakme products
Shop No. 26 – Padmanabh K. Shirodkar – jewellers
Shop no. 27 – nasnodkar Jewellers – gold and diamonds

Shakuntala fountain

shakuntalaA little after the main entrance to the New Municipal market, in between the first and second blocks of shops, almost in the middle, is the Shakuntala fountain, considered to be a landmark of the Mapusa city market. It was inauguarated on April 12, 1962, by Major General K.P Candeth.