Near Civil Court, Mapusa Goa
Mapusa , Bardez Goa- 403507


  • Smoking, spitting, loud conversation, standing in groups, writing on tables, sprinkling of pen ink in any part of the Library is strictly prohibited.
  • Librarian reserves to himself the right to refuse any application for membership without assigning any reason therefore.
  • Member shall intimate change of his/her address. If any.
  • The members and other visiting the library shall be bound by these rules and the procedures and practices in force from time to time.
  • Readers are requested to note that attendant at the counter is authorized to examine everything that passes into or out the Library.
  • Members ceasing to use the Library shall return their tickets to the Librarian for cancellation.
  • Only members shall have the right to access to the lending section for the purpose of borrowing books, but their representatives and others may be admitted and allowed to borrow books on their behalf provided they hold a letter of authority from the member concerned to the satisfaction of the Assistant Librarian on duty.
  • A person not of sound mind or found undesirable or offensively unclean in person or dress or intoxicated in to the Library.
  • The Librarian or any other official of the Library or in charge of a particular section may refuse admittance to any person whether member or non-member to the Library or any section, without-assigning any reason. if the opinion of the official concerned it is not desirable to allow him/her admittance the officers above named may remove or cause to be removed such person from the Library.
  • A person shall not bring into any part of the Library building any wheeled vehicle, dogs and other animals.
  • Sticks, umbrellas, boxes, bags, printed materials loose or in bound from and other belongings shall be left at the entrance. The Library shall not however, be responsible for any loss or damage done to or replacements made of the articles deposited at the entrance. Readers shall not deposit in any case valuables at the entrance. The person so depositing his belonging should collect them before the closing time of the Library.
  • In case the token issued to the depositor is lost by him, the articles will be returned to him/her on producing of sufficient proof regarding the articles.
  • The privileges conferred on the members and others under the rules cannot be claimed by them as a matter of right.
  • The counter for issue of books shall be closed 10 minutes before the closing time of the Library.
  • Readers are requested to remember their ticket numbers and also not to disturb the arrangement of books on the shelves.
  • Unauthorized removal of books or other property from the Library will be dealt with accordingly to law.
  • Readers are requested to stand in Q during rush hours.
  • Person desirous of using the Library shall enter their names and address legibly in the book which is kept for the purpose. Such signature shall be taken as an acknowledgment that the person to conform to the rules of the Library.
  • Readers have any grievances such as failure in the service of incivility on the part of Library staff should be reported. A complaint Box is kept for the purpose.
  • Complaints, if any should be made first to the Assistant Librarian on duty either orally or in writing.